From simple to complex, model projects with ease.

User-friendly screens lead you through the data entry process. Enter single firm, single period or complex, mixed-use and phased development. Add unlimited components each with their own unique impacts.

Simple, intuitive data-entry.

We've worked hard to make the process of entering your project data as easy as possible using a friendly interview format. We quietly save your progress as you move through each screen.

You can also use the default answers to most of the questions if you want to generate your report even quicker. Creating a cost-benefit analysis for economic impact has never been easier.

Completely customized to your community.
This is no off-the-shelf analysis tool. We customize the entire system to meet your exact needs. We use the location data you provide to you gather specific financial and demographic information and integrate it into your personalized report.
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Create detailed reports in 3 easy steps.

Enter the basic project information, then add components each with their own industry data. Finally, add optional incentives before generating your printer-friendly report.

InformAnalytics provides real-time economic/fiscal impact assessment, consistent estimation across projects, meaningful information for stakeholders and reliable valuation for decision makers.

Create infinite projects and unlimited users.

There's no limit to what you can accomplish with InformAnalytics. You can create an infinite number of projects and add as many unique users as you'd like. Our team will assist you with initial setup and customization, but you'll be able to create new projects quickly and easily right from within the tablet-friendly web application.