Make responsible, data-driven decisions
for your local community and government.

  • Real-time economic/fiscal impact assessment
  • Consistent estimation across projects
  • Meaningful information for stakeholders
  • Reliable valuation for decisionmakers
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  • Clear & intuitive data entry
  • Single firm to mixed use & phased development
  • Intelligible, transparent & comprehensive reports
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  • Customized to your local community
  • No "off the shelf" calculations
  • Data fields tailored to meet your needs
  • Unlimited projects and users
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Cost-Benefit Analysis Made Easy.
Our easy to use web-based tool makes it possible for economic development specialists to analyze the impact of proposed projects quickly, consistently, and accurately.
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What our clients have to say.
  • I was very impressed with the demonstration of CGR's Cost/Benefit Analysis specifically designed for Industrial Development Agencies. It's easy to use, affordable and offers economic development professionals an effective tool to measure potential projects.

    William Mannix Administrative Director, Town of Islip IDA
  • Now is the time for economic development agencies to consider using a cost benefit analysis model. Resources are scarcer than ever and must be used carefully to create the highest level of private sector investment and quality jobs. Plus, a thoughtful cost benefit analysis will naturally generate a broader range of support for a project from community stakeholders.

    Michael Stamm President, Tompkins County Area Development
  • The Center for Governmental Research’s cost benefit model is a simple to use, easily accessible, and an affordable option for IDAs to increase accountability and employ a critical best practice… best of all, the data sets and updates are all included.

    Ron Hicks Deputy Commissioner of Strategic Planning and Economic Development, Dutchess County
Generate accessible, printer-friendly reports in real time.
Our reports target your key stakeholder groups: internal staff, board members and clients. Each offers clear language that accurately summarizes the impacts and incentives.
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